Conclusion of the contract

It is our search engine banned all content illegal - glorify violence - racism -, inhuman - illegal MP3, crack -, wart - hackers - Top lists -, waste - Scrap - meaningless -, construction - double -, Ref-links - all content or illegal sites entered. We also reserve the right to delete entries without giving reasons. You need the button code to see after logging in the advertising banners in your website to insert (except for free on the left). Banner for longer periods do not appear, we replace our banners. Registered Banner or the entries are deleted if necessary. The specified size of the banner must match the original size. Changes in the rules at any time.

Lease term

The contract begins with the receipt of the booking confirmation or by the receipt of the request for payment of the participant. The contract may be terminated by either party at any time. Denunciation shall take effect each at 00.00 clock on the second subsequent to the date of termination day. A recovery of paid fees is excluded.


These Terms apply both to the visitors of this site, as well as for users, who take free or paid services of the site operator to complete. Visitors and users who do not acknowledge the Terms of Use are allowed to use the content and services of this website in any way.


The contents of this website has been created and tested with utmost care. For the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the content we assume no liability.

Liability claims

Insofar as these Terms otherwise specified, the visitors and users have always kept free the operator of this site from any own and liability claims by third parties.


This search engine provides free as well as paid sponsored links. We expressly declare that we have no influence on the design and contents of the linked pages. We hereby expressly dissociate ourselves from all contents of all linked pages.


In particular, the site owner is not responsible for third-party information transmitted or stored, as long as no knowledge of a specific violation of rights, laws or these Terms of Use is present. Erlangen, we are aware of such violations, we will remove the content immediately.

Legal violations

At the time of linking to or linked sites were checked for possible legal violations. If illegal content when the links are visible, we will refuse a link. A permanent control of the linked pages is unreasonable without concrete evidence of a violation. Erlangen, we are aware of violations, we will remove the links immediately.


The operator of this website makes every effort to respect the copyright of third parties and to use works therefore exclusively created or license-free or acquired on lawful Licenses to resort. Complaints please send it to us informally. We will solve the problem after checking immediately.


The users of this website shall remain fully responsible for the correctness, completeness and continually for the timeliness of Requested when registering data. The operator of this site has the right to store this information permanently and exclusively be used for the direct business relations between users and site operators. A transfer of data may only take place with the express permission of the user or due to legal requirements or legitimate governmental orders.


The created by the site operator content on these pages subject to German copyright. Third party contributions are marked as such. The storing, copying, editing, distribution and any kind of exploitation outside the limits of copyright law require the express written consent of the author.


In addition, the site operator can also fee-based entries, links and advertising media for violations of legal regulations and these Terms of Use Reject or Delete. This reservation also applies to Dead links, in the absence of timely payments as well as any technical or content manipulation attempts. In this case, the claim for partial refund expires already paid.

Data abuse

Any misuse or unauthorized use of contact data published under the imprint obligation by third parties is prohibited. This applies in particular for the transmission of unsolicited advertising and information materials. The operator of these pages reserves in this regard to take legal action against.

Legal right

Basically, there is no legal right to publication of submitted entries and links. The site operators can submitted entries and links without stating reasons and provided free of charge, also delete.

Multiple entries

Multiple entries may be placed only with different content in different categories, provided that the currently selected category corresponds to your product portfolio. Section 11 and 12 of these Terms of Use shall not be affected.

Prohibited items

Pages and entries which have youth-endangering, pornographic, erotic, frivolous, right-wing extremist, offensive, illegal or similar topics to the content or advertise it, do not use our services.

Authorized entry

In principle, only the owner or operator to be entered websites and offers, or commissioned by those webmasters or agencies authorized entries and links are to be submitted.


We reserve the right to change entries and links in a reasonable extent before being published or assign a different category. Entries and linked websites have in German been written. Multilingual offers are permitted, provided they also German Content include.


If any provision of these Terms and Conditions not be legally binding, this does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of these Terms or in total.


Any agreements in amendment of these Terms must be in writing, at least via email.


Already published entries and links to the users be edited or deleted. Edited entries and links to the site operators are unlocked again.

Terms of Use

These Terms of Use may be changed anytime by the site operator. On changes to the Terms of Use of this Web site is indicated in the newsletter. If the changes affect the legitimate interests of users of this website, these are to a termination without notice in a period of 4 weeks, combined with a pro-rata refund authorized.


The site operators are not responsible for the continuous accessibility of this website. This applies to both technical failures as well as the explicit reservation of rights of the site operator to discontinue this offer at any time online, temporarily or permanently.

Trade mark infringement

If you suspect that is infringed by this site one of your rights, please inform us immediately by electronic mail so that remedial action can be taken. Please note: The time to appoint a lawyer for the Services provider does not correspond to its real or presumed intention.


USA law applies to the contract.